Secured 1st place in Smart India Hackathon 2022

The team “codureka” has won the Smart India Hackathon 2022 with cash prize of 1 Lakh Rupees at Hubli. The management of JIT and the Principal  congratulate the team of students, Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni , Mr. Saravana,  Ms. Namrata , heads and all others who contributed to the success.



Winners of SRISHTI-2022 State Level Engineering Students Project Exhibition

  • 2nd Place in Project expo Competition.

Final year Computer Science & Engineering students Shravan & Team worked on Project titled “2d mapping and exploration using autonomous robot” Cash Prize- Rs.15,000

Guide- Dr. Manoj Kumar M, Associate Professor

  • 1st  Prize in INNOVATION EXCHANGE BRIDGE IT Competition.

  • Civil Engineering students won the First prize in State level SRISHTI – INNOVATION EXCHANGE BRIDGE IT Competition.
    Cash Prize- Rs. 10,000

  • 2nd Prize in INNOVATION EXCHANGE BRIDGE IT Competition.

  • Final year Civil Engineering  students won the Second prize in State level SRISHTI – INNOVATION EXCHANGE BRIDGE IT Competition.
    Cash Prize- Rs. 8,000
  • 2nd Prize in State level SRISHTI – INNOVATION EXCHANGE TechQuiz Competition.

  • Civil Engineering Students won the Second Prize in State level SRISHTI – INNOVATION EXCHANGE TechQuize Competition.
  • 3rd Place in IDEA & Business model competition.

  • Our ECE students got 3rd prize in idea and business model competition.



They say, every person has 3 faces. One for the public, one for friends and family and finally one for the mirror. You are your own private person. Your online persona is your signature in the form of your browsing habits, your favorite sites, your purchase patterns, which means a lot to online seller companies. They need it for targeted advertising and pushing subtle suggestions regarding certain products or services. So, how do you protect your privacy and data?
Use Cryptography! Cryptosystems help protect your data by scrambling it. They use logical, modulo N arithmetic or number field integrals to make data unintelligible. They also provide authentication so that only you have access to your data. Ever wonder how they work? Come, join the greatest environment with the best computational facility suited for cryptographic systems at Jyothy Institute of Technology. Learning is Fun here.


Why Information Science and Engineering?

Information Science and Engineering is such a discipline where, probably, technologies get changed most rapidly. In such scenarios, it becomes very challenging for us to maintain the synergy between students’ readiness and industry needs. For a 4-year program like B.E., it takes efforts and time to inculcate changes in the conventional teaching-learning process to make it innovative and more industry oriented. Such situations give rise to the additional demand for training on advanced technologies.  At the Department of Information Science and Engineering (ISE), JIT, we deliver recent trends in the discipline by involving the industry experts in the teaching-learning process, organizing workshops and training programs for advanced technology, and conducting various technical events like 25-hrs coding championship Hackathon at regular interval of times.  Department also supports the students and faculties for various certification programs in different fields like Data Science, IoT, and Machine Learning.


Jyothy Charitable Trust continues to rebuild Coorg!

Jyothy Charitable Trust continues it’s efforts to help the flood affected people of the 2nd Monnangeri village of Coorg. To encourage them restart agriculture, we distributed organic manure and solar lights to over 50 houses. We thank everyone who were part of this amazing journey and are helping us to rebuild the village.


iInnovate 2K19 hosted by AIC-JITF

Atal Incubation Centre – Jyothy Institute of Technology Foundation hosted its annual roadshow event ‘iInnovate 2k19‘ at Jyothy Institute of Technology campus which saw a footfall of over 1500 students.

Various workshops on some of the latest innovations in the domains of aerospace, robotics, biology, food technology and many more were conducted. The event also had keynote talks on entrepreneurship to inspire the young minds to have their own startups in the near future.


Some tips to manage day-to-day stress

According to WHO (World Health Organization), stress is the second most frequent health problem.

Stress is defined as a situation where people perceive a situation as threatening.

Stress is good at times. It helps us to concentrate on studies rather than using Instagram or playing games. But, feeling more stressful affects both physical and mental health of people. 

Let’s see how we can overcome stress and improve productivity at studies and work.

Eat healthy food

The food we intake impacts our body and mind. Taking sugar and carbohydrates as a whole meal affects our ability to control stress. Eating fruits and vegetables help us to stay healthy and cope up with stress.

Get enough sleep

Many reports say that less sleep causes more stress. Poor sleep impacts our mind negatively while sufficient sleep enhances productivity, and well being. 

Exercise and yoga

We all know exercises can increase physical and mental health. Yoga or meditation enhances our lives. Doing meditation for 10 minutes every day increases our concentration and reduces stress levels.

Connect with your family & friends

Spend some time with family & friends every day. They are the ones who keep our energy up. 


Give yourself some time every day by doing things like meditating, playing or listening to music.

Organizing reduces stress and makes us more goal-oriented. Prepare a list of things to work on and segregate them into completed and to-do things.


Develop optimistic self-talk which improves our ability to succeed, and focus on our goals/exams. 

“Talk to yourself at least once in a Day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World.”

                                      ― Swami Vivekananda

It’s important to talk to yourself positively. We are what we feed our mind with. If we always say to ourselves that we can’t do something, our subconscious mind accepts it, and we will end up with negative thoughts and failure.


Guest Lecture on Customized Integrated Programming

A Guest Lecture on Customized Integrated Programming (CIP) was organized for 4th and 6th semester students by M/s Pi Robotics on 23.03.2019. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Madhav Thakur and his team.


ಮಾತೃಭಾಷಾ ದಿವಸ

The “MATHRUBHASHA DIVASA” of Jyothy Institute of Technology was celebrated in the college premises in a benefiting manner on 20/02/2020 in the college auditorium. Presided by the Vice Chairman, the programme was held in true spirits reflecting their love and affection to their mother tongue. The principal in his address highlighted the importance of mother and mother tongue. the program was attended by all the trustees of college, all the department faculties and students.

The Cultural events of Program included music, dance, short movie on State language, valuable speech by the faculty of college. Many students came up with different ideas to showcase their love and respect towards their language. Few ideas were picked up with included a dance program for fusion of few Kannada patriotic songs, a singing performance of fusion of few Kannada and Hindi songs. At the beginning of program the gathering showed their respect by narrating national song.

Faculties were also part in bringing success to program by giving speech in the different language and by spreading knowledge history of our nation. All the students enthusiastically participated with the helping faculties by bringing out famous Kannada books and arranging a exhibition to showcase them.

The management equally supported by being a backbone for all the events held on the day.


Technical Talk on Green Building and Future Technologies for Green Development Projects

A technical talk on “GREEN BUILDING AND FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES FOR GREEN DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS” was given to all Civil Engineering students on 11th Nov 2019 by prof. Anupam Saxena. of RICS school built environment. The talk brought out the issues on sustainable construction with reduced carbon footprint. The concept on green construction was also covered.